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Last Will & Testament of Roland Kingsley

Murder at the Poe’s Raven Party

Murder on Baker Street

Ravenwood Masquerade Murder Mystery

Sin City Slayer casino murder mystery

The Noxhelm Murders | A murder mystery game

’80s Murder Mystery Game

1920s Murder Mystery

Murder Behind the Mirror

Once Upon a Murder mystery party game

Saints & Sinners Party | A murder mystery game

Escape from Dregs Island

Grillin’, Chillin’, and Killin’ murder mystery party

Hatter’s Ball | A Murder Mystery Game

Murder at Anonville Manor mystery party

Murder in the Escape Room

Wild West Murder Mystery

Murder at Devonshire Manor mystery party

The Greatest Murder on Earth | a murder mystery game

Cadbury Mansion murder mystery game

Factions | A Murder Mystery

Family Halloween Whodunit

Halloween Homicide in Dark Cloud murder mystery

Haunted Hotel Homicide murder mystery

Haunted house murder mystery game

Monster murder mystery party

Murder at Skull Manor Costume Ball murder mystery

Murder at the Toadwart Inn murder mystery

Murder at the Walgrave Astoria Costume Ball

Pumpkin Palooza Costume Ball Mystery

Vampire murder mystery party

Witch murder mystery party

Zombie Murder Mystery

1920s Murder Mystery Party on the Boardwalk

614 Scarlet Ct. Murder Mystery Block Party

Abby Manor Masquerade Ball Murder Mystery

CSI murder mystery party

1920s Murder Mystery Party on the Boardwalk

Thanksgiving Mystery Party | Non-Murder

Wine Tasting Murder Mystery Game

Hero and Villain Summit murder mystery party

Superhero Assassination Murder Mystery

Thanksgiving Murder Mystery Game

Murder at the Album Release Party Game

Pirate Murder Mystery

Murder at the Magnolia Avenue Block Party

’60s Murder Mystery Party

1950s Greaser Murder Mystery Party

1970’s Disco Murder Mystery Game

Bad Santa | A hilarious murder mystery party

Christmas Murder Mystery: T’was the Night Before Murder

Christmas Reindeer Mystery Party

Christmas toyshop mystery party

Crazy Christmas Catastrophe mystery party

Homicide at the Tacky Sweater Shindig murder

Murder at the Kringels Christmas mystery game

Murder at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Who Slayed Santa murder mystery party

Who Stole the Silver Bells Christmas mystery party

Back in Time for Murder Time Travel mystery party

Murder at the Plaza Ritz

Doom Mansion murder mystery game

Harrison House murder mystery game

Murder at the Stratford Castle murder mystery

Game of Crowns

Roman Toga Murder Mystery Party Game

Corporate Chaos Murder Mystery Party

As the Ball Drops New Year’s murder mystery

Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery Game

As the Beads Drop: Mardi Gras Murder Mystery

Bumped Off on Bourbon Street murder mystery

Murder at the Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball game

Family St. Patrick’s Day Mystery Party

St. Patrick’s Murder Me, I’m Irish Mystery

St. Patrick’s Shamrocks and Murder Mystery

Bridal Shower Murder Mystery

Murder at the Luau murder mystery party game

Murder in Maui – a Hawaiian Luau Murder Mystery

Poolside Murder Mystery Party

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta murder mystery game

Cinco de Mayo Mayhem murder mystery game

The Deadly Derby Murder Mystery Party

Golf Tournament Murder Mystery