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A Murder Mystery Dinner


What is A Murdery Mystery Dinner?

A Murder Mystery Dinner is a party event where attendees work together to solve a fake murder. Many attendees choose the dress to the theme of the event. The mystery takes place throughout the course of the party.

Our events are different than any other. The entire event is one big mystery with a hidden twist in each event. Each event is a Murder Mystery Show and one giant live puzzle game that you play a role in. Escape room style puzzles mixed with the whodunit style of a murder mystery dinner show. There is never a dull moment at our events.

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Murder Mystery Dinner Parties

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Virtual Events

Have fun from the comfort of home

No worry about catching a nasty virus during these games. You can play these mysteries right from your own home. With smaller groups and thrilling stories, you will feel fully immersed. These games typically last about an hour and a half. We encourage guests to prepare a meal and a beverage to enjoy. We also encourage guests to dress for the event or even set their own stage and decorate their area. With up to two guests per device, you can have fun with the whole family or join others from all over the world. The options are endless with our Murder Mystery Dinner games. Just like our live games, there are three rounds of the game. Some rounds include key information and puzzles to solve. Do you have what it takes?

Public Events

Games for the hole family

Come join in the fun at our public events. 3 full hours of fun food and laughter as you and your teamwork to solve a murder. This fun-filled event is not dinner theater. This is a challenging social game in which you will interact with other guests, learn their character, their reason to have the motive, and who could have killed our victim. Each game also has a side puzzle that may help your team to win if solved. Each game consists of 3 rounds. In round 1, characters are established, and you will learn The Who’s who of the game. In round two, you will get to eat, of course, but the game doesn’t stop for your hunger. During round 2, motives develop, and someone will die. Finally round 3, you will make your accusations and tally up your team’s points.

Private Events

Up the game on your private event or party!  

Best Rate In Town Guarantee!

Are you hosting a private event? Do you want to make it memorable? We have the perfect solution! Let us host a Murder Mystery Dinner event for you. We can come to your home, office, or event site. We have a theme to fit any party or season. No matter the age group, we have the perfect theme. We have themes for Kids, Teens, and Adults. Don’t want a murder theme? We have other options for that as well. The best part is we have flat-rate pricing for your party. So, don’t worry about how many people, we will take care of you. We also provide at no additional cost fun games and prizes for people to play as they arrive. A perfect ice breaker to start the party!

Office Party

Team Building

Team Building events you team will love!

Does your team need a little “pick-me-up”? We have the solution for you! We can host a Murder Mystery Party right in your office. Bring the whole team for a mystery that will leave them laughing for days! Murder mystery parties are a great way to develop team cohesiveness. It will require them to mingle, work together, and focus on solving a common problem. Just like the workplace, only more fun. Our mysteries are perfect for the company retreat, holiday party, or just an afternoon away from the cubicle. Be the boss they love by treating your team! Events like this not only help with team building but help companies with employee retention. Happy people perform better, and better performance makes happy people.