Columbus, Ohio

About A Murder Mystery Dinner

Not your average party

Enjoy the best
Murder Mystery Dinner 
event ever

Mystery Parties Like No Other

A Murder Mystery Dinner combines the fun of a dinner event with the challenging aspect of solving puzzles. Every event is unique! Play a role of a detective or play the role of a character. Bribe your way through the night to get clues. Every aspect of the night includes strategy, mystery, and immersive fun! There is no other event like this! Join us for the most amazing time you will ever have over dinner!

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An Immersive Experience

You are immersed in the fun the entire time. This is not your average sit down and watch a bunch of bad actors play parts. In our events, you have a role to play. Yes, that’s right! Each person is part of our events. Some of you will be detectives as you gather clues and evidence. Some of you will be community members spreading gossip and lies, one of you will be the victim, and one will be the murderer!

You will be given bride money when you arrive. Unlike other shows, this Bride money will earn your team points. Collect the most valuable currency and help your team win. That’s not the only way you will earn points, though! Between ice breaker games and hidden secrets throughout the night, there are so many ways to win. It will come down to who has the best strategy. This is a truly social game with the thrill of A Murder Mystery Dinner!

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