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Increase Capacity

Have a slow weekend?  Need to increase your guest capacity?  Want to become the destination?  Our events can help make your location the destination point for your guests time and time again.  Guests will be talking about your venue for years!

Increase Sales

Our events not only increase your guest capacity, but you can also make money off of  our ticket sales.  That’s right! Your venue can set your own ticket price or use our recomended industry competative rates that earn your venue extra revenue.  

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More Return Customers

Host us for regular events and you will more return customers.  Have us come, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly!  We have over 80 themes to keep your guests occupied.  We even have themes for every holidy.  We can go years without having to repeat a theme

We Can Do It All!

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Fun Exciting Themed Event

We have wonderful themed events and we also encourage guests to dress to the theme.  Themed event inlcude characters for guests to play each with their own personality and style.  These event become more immersive and fun with each round.

Event Planning Services Available

Let our event planners create the ultimate event for your needs.  We work with local catering, photographers, bands, decoration companies and bar services to bring the event to life.  

Any Theme or Occassion. 

We have over 80 themes for any event or time of year.  Need a special christmas party?  We have you covered!  What about a back yard BBQ? We have that too!  If you can think it we probably have a theme for it!

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