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Would you like to host the most memorable private event ever? We have your solution. Our murder mystery parties and dinner events leave your guests talking about the event for years. We have over 80 themes for you to choose from and can accommodate any location.

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Over 80 themes.  We have a theme to fit any occasion, holiday, party, or event!
Our Events can be as short as a few hours, half a day, a full day, or even a full weekend!

Murder Mystery Parties at your home

Are you hosting a party at your home?  Want your guests to talk about it for years?  We can help you do that with our private murder mystery parties.  Liven up any private party with us!

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Want to have a fun experience for that special night. We have special themes to fit into your event. Was it the best man, maybe the maid of honor? We don’t know whodunnit, but we will find out!

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Private Venues of your Choice

Want us to host a party at your venue? No Problem. We can bring our murder mystery parties direct to you. No matter the occasion or location, we have you covered. Contact us to learn more!

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Office Party

Office Parties & Team Building

Need to give your employees a break from the daily grind?  We have the perfect solution.  We have events that are tailored to fit the workplace and make your people happy.  Happy people are productive people!

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Wedding Receptions & Showers

Want something unique for your wedding reception?  We have over 80 themes to fit any event.  Break away from traditions and give your guests a fun night they will never forget.  Everyone will talk about it!

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Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels, or Venues

Want something unique for your wedding reception? Everyone will talk about it! We have over 80 themes to fit any event. Breakaway from traditions and give your guests a fun night they will never forget.

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Fundraiser Events for your Organization

Want to earn more money for your fundraiser. Our Murder Mystery events can raise you a ton of money. Catch everyone’s attention with a unique and memorable event they will not forget!

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