Columbus, Ohio

Private Event Frequent Questions

Not your average party

A Few Questions We Get Asked

Is Food and Drink Provided

We do not provide food and drink.  This would be respensibility of the event organizer.  We only provide the murder mystery game and side games

What if I don’t know how many guests.

No worries.  You can purchase the basic package.  Only a 20% deposit is due at the time of making the reservation.  All final payments can be finalized after the game is complete.

How long do the games last exactly?

That is tough to say.  It really depends on how many people, additional activities and social time during the event.  We want to make each event right for your party which is why we will have an event coordinator work with you to help plan everything.  If you just want to focus on the game we can do that.  If you want the game to mix into your planned events we can do that too.

Can we do this as a surprize?

We highly reccomend you do not surprise your guests.  It never goes well and guests often feel forced into the activity.  This not only can hurt your guests experience but also our reputations.  Events are better when your guests can plan, dress up, and be ready to play their part.

Is this mystery dinner theater?

TIt is not!  This is a live interactive social game.   There is a story line that guests will learn as they interact with each other.  some guest will play the role of a character, whlie other play the role of an investigator.  Depending on the amount of people there may be teams and people work as a team to win the game.  

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